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Air compressor filling pump

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Air compressor filling pump





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Model Asan L600
Capacity Maximum 600L/min-21cfm/min
Operating pressure 220 to 420 bar      
Main structure of the compressor 4-stage
Air quality EN 12021, DIN 3188, CGAE

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  • 1. Equipped with stainless steel intermediate and terminal coolers.
    2. Installed with newly developed low-pressure lubricating system.
    3. Installed with new powerful pollution-removing equipment suitable for continuous operation.
    4. Combined with advanced HL purifying system, the new structure can provide reliable purified breathing air for brave firefighters.

    Technical parameters:
    Capacitance: Maximum 600L/min-21cfm/min.
    Operating pressure: 220 to 420 bar – 3200 to 6100 psi.
    Main structure of the compressor: 4-stage, 4-stage cylinder,
    low-pressure oil lubricating, located in the stainless steel
    intermediate stage behind the cooler. Middle oil and moisture
    separator behind the second and third stages. Pressure-
    crossing safety valve and air cooling.
    Condensate discharge: Automatic discharge of timer.
    Purification system: Advanced 2-stage terminal filter.
    Air quality complies with EN 12021, DIN 3188, CGAE.
    Driver: Motor drive V-belt/400-690V/3-phase/50 or 60 HZ.
    Including star-delta device with overload protection.
    Filling connector: 4 connectors are directly installed on the
    compressor, with HP-filling rubber hose, and containing
    bending ports for special uses.
    Dimension (LxWxH): 130×78×178cm
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