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Antitoxic clothing

Short Description:

The one-piece chemical protective clothing is made of industrial brocade silk as base cloth and chlorinated butyl rubber as surface material, which is calendered, vulcanized and shaped.




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Thickness(mm) 0.34±0.05
Breaking force(15Kg/2.5cm) Meridional direction:16Zonal direction:14
Elongation(%) Meridional direction:16Zonal direction:14

Chemical properties

Serial number Item index
1 Antitoxic, mustard gas purity(95%、36℃±1℃×130min) Non-filtration
2 Cold resistance (- 40 ℃ × 5min folding 180 °) No cracks
3 Acid and alkali resistant (6N hydrochloric acid, 6N sulfuric acid, trihydrate solution, 36 ℃± 1 ℃× 1h) No cracks
4 Resistance to gasoline fracture (immersion in 120 × gasoline for 30s) No crack, no sticking
5 Hot air aging (140 ℃± 2 ℃× 8h) Not sticky or brittle

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  • Applicable occasions

    1. Atomic bomb test.

    2. The waste gas produced in the combustion of optics, anti missile liquid propellant and high energy fuel.

    3. The operators of oxidizer and combustion agent wear it in the operation occasions such as filling and reinjection.

    4. Carbon monoxide, phosgene, sarin, mustard gas, etc.

    5. Acid proof and alkali proof in special occasions.

    6. Anti nuclear radiation adhesion.

    7. Maintenance of grain depot, chemical plant, urban construction (sewer), etc.

    8. Airtight, dustproof, waterproof, moisture-proof and sand proof.

    9. It is also widely used in camping training, downhole oil fields, fishermen fishing, etc.

    10. The chemical protective clothing produced by our factory can also integrate the functions of anti-virus, flame-retardant, anti-static, heat preservation, acid and alkali resistance, radiation protection, etc., so that it has comprehensive performance and can meet the special requirements of users in different industries and environments.



    1. When the chemical protective clothing is contaminated with harmful agents or other pollutants, it shall be washed with neutralizing solution and water immediately after the operation, and the inside and outside shall be cool and dry to avoid corrosion, damage and mildew.

    2. When using and cleaning chemical protective clothing, do not touch sharp objects to avoid mechanical damage.

    3. When storing chemical protective clothing and gloves, a layer of talcum powder should be wiped on the outside.

    4. The chemical protective clothing shall be folded neatly, packed and stored without extrusion.

    5. When storing chemical protective clothing, it is required to be dry and free of organic solvent vapor.

    6. The storage period is seven years.


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