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Decontamination shower

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Decontamination sprinkler





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Executive standard ANSI-Z358-1-2004 / DIN-12899
Water hose material  Nylon(high 2.4m)
Nozzle Black plastic
Chassis Aluminum alloy
Driving pressure 3 ~ 7bar
Aluminum alloy box size 74x44x15.5cm
Support frame 304 stainless steel(2.56m)
Water flow 20 L / min
Weight 20 kg

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  • Multi-nozzle, portable, light weight, highly powerful, equipped with flexible hose legs that are not easily damaged, rigid under pressure.

    Scope of application: suitable for nuclear power, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, automobile and ship building, casting, painting, printing and dyeing, etc

    it can clean people or objects in an all-round way, and reduce the harm of harmful substances to people!

    Applicable conditions: normal temperature domestic water

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