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Escape descending control device

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Escape descending control device





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It complies with GB 21976.2-2012 “Building Fire Escape Refuge Equipment Part 2: Escape Descending Device” standard.
Wire rope diameter: 4mm.
seat belt length: 1453mm, width: 50mm, thickness: 1.2mm.
use maximum height 30m.
use load weight: 20-100kg.
number of people per load: 1.
slow down speed: 0.16-1.5 m/s.
Packing size: 360mmX300mmX190mm.

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  • The escape descending device is a reciprocating high-rise self-rescue device. One product can continuously use multiple people and property in a short period of time. It only needs its own gravity, no need for other auxiliary power and equipment, and it can be safely and smoothly lowered to the ground. The rope is made of pure bare aviation wire rope, which is flame retardant, wear resistant and high strength.

    It consists of safety hook, safety belt, rope, governor, metal connecting piece, and rope reel.

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