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Fire insulation suit

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Fire insulation suit





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1. Comply with GA634-2006 “Fire Safety and Performance Performance and Test Methods”.

1. It is composed of heat insulation jacket, heat insulation trousers, heat insulation hood (with helmet), heat insulation gloves and heat insulation foot cover;

2. The material is composed of composite aluminum foil high temperature resistant cloth, thermal insulation layer and comfort layer, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, folding resistance, flame retardancy and high radiation resistance;

3. Air breathing apparatus bag is set at the back of the heat insulation jacket; the window of heat insulation head cover is colorless and transparent.

4. Performance of outer fabric

(1) Flame retardant performance: continuous burning time 0s, damage length ≤ 15mm; no melting and dripping.

(2) Breaking strength: longitude ≥ 1500N, weft ≥ 1300n.

(3) Tearing strength: warp direction ≥ 230n, weft direction ≥ 200N.

(4) Thermal stability: the dimensional change rate is less than 2% in warp and latitudinal direction, and there is no discoloration, delamination, carbonization, melting and dripping after 5 minutes at 260 ℃.

(5) Resistance to radiation heat penetration: the time for inner surface temperature rise to 24 ℃ is not less than 70s.

5. Comfort layer performance

(1) Flame retardant performance: continuous burning time 0 s, damage length ≤ 7 mm;

(2) Breaking strength: warp ≥ 800N, weft ≥ 700n;

6. Performance of heat shield:

(1) High temperature resistance: no carbonization, melting and dripping after 5 minutes at 180 ℃, no obvious deformation and damage to the window.

(2) Visual field: left and right visual field ≥ 105 degrees, upper visual field ≥ 7 degrees, lower visual field ≥ 45 degrees.

(3) Transmittance ≥ 87%.

(4) Dexterous performance of heat insulation gloves: the minimum diameter of the test rod is 6.5mm, and the performance level is level 4.

7. Overall performance:

(1)TPP≥31 cal/c㎡

(2) Joint strength ≥ 730n

(3) Needle pitch density ≥ 10 stitches / 3cm

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  • It has the characteristics of fireproof, heat insulation, wear resistance, folding resistance, flame retardant and anti-radiation heat, and the anti-radiation heat temperature is 1000 °C.

    It is used for protective clothing worn by firefighters and high-temperature workers during near-fire operations.

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