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Intelligent fire extinguishing robot

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Intelligent fire extinguishing robot





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Walking form: crawler type
Body size (chassis) 1000*780*400
Total chassis quality ≤135kg
Wireless remote control effective distance 0-150m
Walking speed 0-0.65m/s
Maximum spanning vertical obstacle height within 150mm
Wading depth within 100mm
Continuous working time 2h
Used ambient temperature -30°–120°
Climbing ability 30°
Rated voltage 48V
Motor power 880Wx2

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  • The chassis and electrical control adopt a fully modular structure, which is convenient for maintenance and repair.

    Waterproof design, the body adopts 16mm steel closed structure, suitable for a variety of complex environment.

    The track adopts external high-temperature resistant and flame-retardant rubber and internal metal skeleton.

    The system adopts high temperature resistant design and comes with a water curtain self-spraying cooling device.

    Remote control of fire cannon rotation, pitching, automatic scanning, large flow, high range, multiple injection methods, water spray, foam free switching.

    HD wireless image transmission system for remote real-time video surveillance.

    Adopting frequency hopping wireless communication technology, the communication distance is long and the anti-interference is strongl.

    Equipped with 360° PTZ camera for dead angle monitoring.

    The products have stable performance, advanced technology, reliable quality, convenient disassembly and assembly, and each product has undergone professional adjustment and performance testing.

    The product has functions such as fire extinguishing, smoke exhausting, reconnaissance,exploder clearing, demolition, and material transportation. The equipment has standard control interface, quick loading and unloading interface, instant application on-site replacement (no more than 3 minutes, no need for auxiliary tools, freehand), multi-purpose, lower cost of use, higher efficiency.

    Used for public (iron) road tunnel fires; subway station and tunnel fires; underground facilities and large freight yard fires; large-scale logistics warehouse fires; petrochemical oil depots and refinery fires; Fire fighting in factory buildings and civil buildings.

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