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Isolated protective clothing

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Isolated protective clothing

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    Sealing form Semi seal
    fabric thickness 0.3-0.37mm
    Cloth material Double coated PVC
    Respirator configuration External location
    Weight <1.8kg
    zipper Resin zipper, water tight buckle
    Chemical protective rubber boots Matching
    Chemical gloves Matching
    Specifications Large, medium and small

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  • 1. Product material structure and composition

    The insulation protective clothing is made of PVC composite material,and the seam adopts the rubber strip thermal sealing technology.

    There are two types of protective clothing: one is equipped with protective boots and gloves.The other cuff and trouser legs are tight.

    2. Product characteristics

    Easy to wear, strong protective performance, wear-resisting, flexion resistance, reusable after disinfection, cost-effective.


    1. Product scope and use

    Isolation protective clothing is a kind of protective clothing which can effectively isolate the toxic and harmful substances and infectious sources from the outside. It is usually used in the operation site with dangerous chemicals or corrosive substances. It can be used for the protection of “epidemic situation” protection personnel, emergency rescue personnel and public service personnel outside the hospital in special period.

    Personal protective equipment such as masks, goggles, gas masks, positive pressure air respirators and positive pressure oxygen respirators can be additionally worn for the isolated protective clothing to fully protect the body and breathing of the wearer.

    2. Special storage conditions and methods

    Do not take off protective clothing before disinfection.

    The storage temperature is – 10 ℃ – 40 ℃ , the relative humidity is less than 75% RH, the ventilation is good, away from the heat source, avoid the sun and rain, and prevent the contact with acid, alkali or organic solvents and other substances that affect the quality.

    The storage period is 5 years.

     3. Care and maintenance

    (1) If it is used in the environment of bacteria, virus, etc,After use, soak and wipe with 75% medical alcohol according to the actual situation, or dilute with 84 or other disinfectant solution with water, soak the protective clothing in it, wash it with water, dry it in a cool and ventilated place and store it.

    (2) If it is used in acid and alkali environment,After each use, it can be rinsed with clear water, soapy water or 0.5% – 1% sodium carbonate aqueous solution according to the pollution situation, then rinsed with clear water, dried in a cool and ventilated place and stored.

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