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The flood season is coming!The heavy rain!Heavy rain!Keep this “seawar” safety guide!

Affected by cold and warm air

It is estimated that there will be one in our province from the 9th to the 11th

Weather process of large-scale rain, snow and cooling

Like Jinan, Liaocheng, Qingdao, etc

There is light rain during the day

At night, the rainfall increases further

The pattern of small to moderate rain is still maintained in most areas of Shandong Province

Local or frost

There are small hailstones in some places!

According to the analysis and prediction, this year’s rainfall is not evenly distributed in time and space, with concentrated rainfall in the main flood season, less rainfall in the post flood season, high temperature in midsummer, and possible summer and summer drought. It is estimated that 2020 will be the year of medium water, and the possibility of large floods in some basins is great. With regard to this year’s flood control work, the meeting stressed that we should take rain as the order, always keep a “ready to fight” state, the multiple ends of weather changes and the fragility of the realistic foundation, take precautions against the characteristics of water situation in advance, and truly do our duty to keep the land and do our duty.

Water baffle

The waterproof board is specially designed to prevent the instantaneous rainstorm and ponding, which is suitable for the hard and flat ground. The “L-type Book Stop principle” makes the weight of water pressed on the bottom of the baffle, and converts the weight into pressure. Even if the flood has reached the top of the baffle, it is still very firm and will not dump. The higher the water level, the stronger it is. 

 It can block 50 cm high flood. Each diaphragm is 3.8kg long and 70cm long. The handling process is easier and convenient. One person can install 10 meters in a minute. 

It is suitable for warehouse, parking lot, underground shopping mall, subway entrance, residential area, business district and even traffic main road to avoid flood threat. It can also be used for water diversion.


Why does the water baffle not fall?

working principle:

The upper part of the plate body is pressed by flood, and the lower part has stable material rubber, which absorbs the contact surface. The higher the water pressure, the more stable it is (L-type Book Stop principle)

Waterproof effect: the convex groove (convex part) on the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the water baffle can slow down the water speed and disperse the water pressure and flow direction.

Intelligent remote control lifeboat


Symmetrical design, this product USES U U boat end parts installation propeller respectively on both ends of the main body, set up along the horizontal center two propeller plane symmetric U boat body along the vertical center on the symmetric design at the same time, the overall design presents the streamline body, speed and center of gravity, accord with the design optimization of fluid mechanics.

Superior waterproof performance, with high hardness, light weight, anti-corrosion and wear-resisting, anti-seawater corrosion, anti-sun exposure and other characteristics, a solid integrated structure, can withstand 20 meters high drop, do not affect the performance.

One-key switch machine, direct charge and discharge, the working status is clear, fast and accurate, simple and convenient to operate the front and back can be run alone, without fear of wind and waves, knocked over by the wave, do not affect the continued navigation and use, with anti-rollover, anti-capsize, and other functions, lost contact automatic return, independent course correction.

Dry rescue suit   Wet rescue suit

1. Waterproof and permeable fabric, three-layer composite materials (waterproof layer, breathable layer, wear-resistant layer) are durable.

2. The performance of the material is very good, and the material is scratch resistant. The color is red, which is easy to identify in the rescue process and belongs to high specification.

3.The material is coated with high polyester material. The waterproof coating is applied to the inside of the rescue suit to prevent damage such as scratching and scratching from the outside.

4.It fully conforms to the ergonomics and is free to wear; the waterproof shoe cover – body type connection is adopted, which is not easy to be immersed in water. Can maintain body temperature during rescue.

5.Adopt SOLAS certified high-strength reflective inlay, which is convenient to be found in the first time in case of danger at night.

6.The front chest is equipped with a high-strength waterproof, airtight and waterproof zipper, which is easy to put on and off quickly, ensuring perfect airtightness.

7.Glue is applied to the suture to ensure no leakage.

8.The neck and cuffs are made of high-quality latex rubber, which can cling to the skin to ensure no leakage.

9.Adjustable Velcro on the neck, cuffs, waist and ankle, adjusted to the right size, to help tighten, wear close, convenient for rescue.

10. The crotch is designed with high-strength waterproof zipper, and the whole clothes are not taken off when going to the toilet.

11. In elbow, knee and other wear-resistant areas, reinforcement is added to enhance wear resistance and increase service life.

12. Built in adjustable strap, adjustable to the right size.


Long distance/convenient life saving thrower

Water lifesaving: it is suitable for complex rescue places such as riverside, lakeside, riverside and seaside, and can realize long-distance water lifesaving.

Land rescue: it is suitable for rope throwing operation in civil, police, military, fire fighting, ship to ship, ship to shore, high-rise or mountain stream rescue occasions.

CO2 gas cylinder is used as the gas source. It is very simple to use. It can be launched continuously, with short launch interval and high rescue efficiency.

The portable life-saving throwing device is a kind of throwing device which is driven by high-pressure air and propelled by high-speed airflow generated by instantaneous release of high-pressure air (similar to mortar mode). The launching mode has the advantages of low working pressure, high initial velocity of warhead and large throwing force.

Life jacket


The lifejacket is orange in color and adopts a split design. Its fastening adopts the form of buckle and zipper. It is equipped with crotch belt to prevent the lifejacket from floating after the wearer enters the water.

The life jacket is equipped with oxtail rope and O-ring. In case of emergency, the life jacket can be separated from oxtail rope quickly to ensure personal safety. The rope body has reflective function.

Sew at least 8 high brightness reflective tapes to improve night rescue identification.


Post time: Apr-11-2020