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The historical origin and development of air breathing apparatus

Today, I will tell you the development history of safety protection products one by one.


History of development

The first stage

From the 1950s to the early 20th century, with the process of industrial revolution, the research and development of air breathing apparatus products and demand has also become a product. This stage is the embryonic era of air breathing apparatus. At that time, material science research was still in a relatively low stage, and the designed products were bulky, cumbersome, inconvenient to carry, low pressure and short effective use time.




The second stage

From the early 20th century to the 1980s, this stage is the growth stage of the development of air breathing apparatus. In the 1940s, self-contained positive pressure air breathing apparatus was invented. In the 1950s, air respirators were deployed to the municipal fire protection field.


The third stage

The 1980s. This stage is the mature stage of the development of air breathing apparatus. The design principle of traditional air respirator is becoming more and more mature, and the selection of air respirator materials has reached a new height. The special rubber materials of chemical resistance, aging resistance and high temperature resistance have become the main materials for air respirator masks. The fire-resistant or flame-retardant aramid fiber material is widely used in the air respirator ribbon, improving the air respirator’s carrying safety and fire and wear resistance. The high-strength carbon fiber used in aerospace is also used in the air respirator cylinder reinforcement package auxiliary materials. The overall mass of composite cylinder is only about one third of that of steel cylinder.


The fourth stage

Since the 21st century, this stage is the intelligent stage of the development of air breathing apparatus. With the rapid development of society, air respirators are also widely used in various fields. The application places and environments are more complex, and there are many aspects in the application process that can not meet the actual use requirements. Therefore, it promotes the further development of air respirators, further optimizes the application in the selection of high-performance materials, mechanical structures, and air circuit decompression, makes the operation more rapid and simple, and has self-defense At the same time, it also has other rescue functions. Electronic technology is also integrated into air breathing apparatus products.


Specific development of new technology applicati

Other rescue function

A set of air respirator can be used by two people at the same time, avoiding the difficult choice of rescue workers, self-help or rescue others.

   005Quick charge function

 With the continuous improvement of technology and materials, the air breathing apparatus has developed high-pressure quick plug-in quick connector to replace gas cylinder and high-pressure quick inflation connector like “air refueling machine” to directly supplement breathing air for gas cylinder, saving a lot of valuable time.


Communication function 

With the application of electronic technology, the air breathing apparatus has developed a communication mask, which combines the communication function with the lower part of the mask and has no impact on the field of vision. It can amplify the voice of the person wearing the mask in a short distance and keep the on-site communication smooth, With the use of walkie talkie, it has the function of remote communication, which can realize the two-way voice communication between rescuers in the front line and commanders in the back field.


Intelligent development

With the development of electronic technology and software, combined with this technology, air respirator has developed into an intelligent air breathing apparatus system. It can display the pressure, gas cylinder volume, remaining service time, ambient temperature, battery power, relative distance from the base station, evacuation and other information, as well as sound and light alarm for falling, rescue alarm, high ambient temperature alarm, low air pressure alarm and automatic identity reading.

All the monitored data will be saved automatically and transmitted to the monitor base station display in real time. The headquarters can receive and monitor all personnel using the equipment in the backyard. In case of any danger, it can immediately send a single evacuation or all evacuation orders to the rescue personnel. Make the air breathing apparatus form an intelligent air breathing apparatus system.



With the gradual improvement of national requirements for workers’ safety protection, air breathing apparatus have become more and more in demand for high-quality, customized, new technology and high-quality services.

Post time: Jun-01-2020