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Self-contained open circuit air breathing apparatus

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Self-contained open circuit air breathing apparatus





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Gas cylinder capacity: 6.8L
Working pressure: 30mpa
The ambient temperature: -30℃-60℃
Inhalation resistance≤500pa, Maximum air feed is 200l/min,The internal pressure of the machine is higher than atmospheric pressure when working
Alarm alarm pressure 5.5±0.5mpa
Pressure reducer output 0.5-1.0mpa, relief valve opening pressure 0.8-1.2mpa

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  • The shoulder strap has a special reflector, so that the operator is easy to be searched by his companions in the dark, so that the operator can get the maximum protection and help the team to work together.

    Applicable in toxic, harmful, dusty and hypoxia environment as well as environments containing other hazardous materials to provide effective breathing protection for users. Widely used in fire control, electricity, petrochemical, ship, smelting and coking, warehouse, laboratory, mines and other industries.

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